Payroll services deal with accounting and payroll. Paying employees, making necessary tax deductions, handling end of year tax reporting, whether you pay your employees on a W-2 or 1099. We also provide you monthly or quarterly reports that analyze your payroll expenditures so we can analyze together your HR needs. Are you short staffed and paying too much in OT? Or overstaffed in relation to your profits. How can we get you in the sweet spot of always being staffed correctly. 


Payroll processing requires sensitivity to employee payments – deductions, payment processing for different work schedules and off times, and any other subtleties. It’s not always straightforward. Often, little mistakes can lead to hours pouring over account information and negatively affect the business. This is why many SMB owners often outsource payroll services – they need to ease this pressure, ensure their focus on core operations, and make sure trained professionals handle their accounts. LyftBiz has some of country’s best payroll management staff and can provide you with the best-in-class payroll management tools. We handle automated payroll, same day direct deposit, and support from experts in the field, to name just a few. You can have the ability to organize a new employee in under two minutes and know that their deductions and direct deposits will be taken care of, all while you spend valuable time focusing on the future of your business.