Bookkeeping is perhaps the most tedious task: organizing and keeping records of your business’s financial affairs, typically through specifically designed software. It is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business and can be a considerable expense for small business owners. Every growing business operator knows how frustrating it can be to run payroll for themselves, not to mention recording taxes and itemizing all of their expenses; the smallest miscalculation can have drastic consequences. If you work with any cash/ petty cash disbursements, this adds a whole new level of time consuming detail.


 We offer you the convenience of either a virtual bookkeeper or an outsourced bookkeeper to keep your financial house in order. From a simple update to the aging receivables to a full-scale Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Whether you want us to take on more of a human approach or want to go virtual and allow your burden to be eased digitally, the options are here for you to choose when you partner with LyftBiz.

Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping coordinates with a remote bookkeeper who continuously improves software specifically made for your financial transactions. While a remote bookkeeper works behind the scenes, most bookkeeping activities are A.I.-based. While most of your business operations, like banking are handled online. Why not handle your bookkeeping online, too? Going virtual is a stress-free and cost-effective way of managing your finances, especially when keeping track of digital transactions and aiming to work paper-free. It’s like having a dedicated bookkeeper for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. And we provide you with constant real-time updates.


Benefits of virtual bookkeeping


  • A far less stressful and more convenient way to keep your financial house in check
  • Saves time and energy by letting you dedicate yourself to driving the core products and services of your business
  • Flexibility and real-time updates that an in-house bookkeeper cannot provide 
  • Better track of accounts for businesses who handle most transactions online
  • Save valuable business time by using skilled virtual bookkeepers already equipped with tools, as opposed to traditional bookkeepers who might need a training period
  • More efficient cash flow management with no risk of miscalculations caused by human error

Outsourced Bookkeeping

Outsourced bookkeeping is a bookkeeping service where a remote worker handles all your books, including those in the past. It is typically not as A.I.-based as virtual bookkeeping.


Benefits of outsourced bookkeeping

  • Familiarity as you can work closely with someone one-on-one for all updates and queries
  • Can reference books done in the past. If your business is yet to move towards being more digital, an outsourced bookkeeper