Based in both New York and Florida, LyftBiz started like all SMB owners. We struggled to cope with business management tasks, while trying to grow our business and also have some sort of life. We hoped that the long hours spent on the business would lead to business success. We eventually learned from over 50 years in the business industry that external support for business and
entrepreneurial development is a must. We needed the expertise of people in billing, HR, marketing, but as a medium sized business, did not want to take on hiring fulltime people, and the huge overhead costs that added. Hiring freelancers was a gamble. Some were great, some not, and none had the best interest of our business at heart. 


So, we decided to form a company that provides you ALL that expertise. People who care about your business, and are experts in every aspect of development and back end services. We assign you a Project Manager who works with you one-on-one to assess your needs. They will be your point of contact, and liaison with all the departments/ services you need. Having one person be your point of contact makes for a streamlined and stress free workflow. That person takes all of your company’s challenges and works with our team to build a custom program for you. Your business will run better, be more visible to potential consumers and you get to enjoy the business you started rather than be bogged down by the day to day tasks you hate doing yourself, or can’t merit hiring a full-time employee. We want your business to grow and thrive as much as you do, and are here to help give you the best experts in the field in a one stop shop at an affordable price.

LyftBiz is a business and entrepreneurial development company that provides market intelligence through strategic partnerships to SMBs.