Empowering small and medium businesses with premiere back office support.

Your #1 resource to meet all your business development, goals, back end business needs, and entrepreneur mentorship.

Focus on your business during the day. Let us handle the rest.

Are you a small-medium business owner struggling to generate sales and do your books and marketing simultaneously? Do you feel passionate about your business but feel overwhelmed trying to make it grow, and unsure of partnerships to cultivate?


At LyftBiz, we want you to regain the power and strength to focus on driving sales while we handle the other crucial aspects of your business. We specialize in understanding your needs and goals and then executing that vision with laser-like focus.


Our team is trained to streamline your business, handling all the tasks to make it run efficiently and help it grow so you can prioritize your freedom and entrepreneurship.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Let us be an extension of your business.


Outsourcing HR services for your business can save you much time and energy and reassure you that your company’s HR practices are in the hands of experts…

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LyftBiz has some of country’s best payroll management staff and can provide you with the best-in-class payroll management tools…

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Every growing business operator knows how frustrating it can be to run payroll for themselves, not to mention recording taxes…

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Having a great business profile will help you qualify for loans, negotiate better terms with clients and suppliers, and lower your rates on the business’s cost of capital…

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You need to have a good business and personal credit score to ensure your financial health. However, damaging your credit score can easily happen…

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Marketing is a group of tools to drive traffic to your business. We analyze your business/ target market and recommend the best marketing strategies to grow your consumer base…

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A strong Search Engine Optimization strategy means that when a consumer uses a keyword or looks for a type of company, you are one of the first they see….

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What is business development?

Business development is the strategic analysis of how we can help business grow, and thrive. We bring you the products and services, making your business look better, run smoother, and qualify for more financing!

What is entrepreneur development?

Entrepreneur development is the enhancing of the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs through coaching and personalized partnerships.

Why do business AND entrepreneurial development matter?

In this dynamic and rapidly digitizing industry, it’s essential to focus not only on your business but on you, the entrepreneur, for holistic business training and networking.


Running an SMB (small-medium business) is no easy feat – we know all too well. That’s why we focus on making you more resilient and have a sharper entrepreneurial mindset so you can make healthier and smarter business decisions. We connect you with products and services

Your business can look and run at an amazingly higher level. Let us prove it to you.

LyftBiz works specifically with small-medium sized businesses for entrepreneurs to outsource tedious back end tasks, so they can enjoy their business and their life, not the crush of paperwork, HR, payroll and the tasks you never want to do . We want you to have more breathing room to streamline your creative energies into your products and services. We will work together to ensure that your business prospers, and you can also reap your life benefits. LyftBiz is the partner that runs the back end and business development details that allow you to focus on what you love.

Who We Are

Kris Henry

President Co-Founder

Kris has an esteemed background as a verteran of the US marines. He moved on to senior management roles at Chase and his own Financial Services business. Kris is a pillar of his community, helping many small and medium businesses grow and thrive. He will be your business mentorship partner, and has a unique skill in collaborating with entrepreneurs, and creating strategies for massive growth in your business. He also has the expert knowledge on how to build a financial back office that works optimally for you and your business

Sandra Miller

Director of Marketing

Sandra is an award winning veteran of the Advertising business. She has run production at major companies like Momentum WW and Vice Media. She has also owned and run her own production company for many years. In her leadership role at Lyftbiz, she will help you analyze your business needs, assign you a project manager, and personally supervise all of your branding, marketing and advertising needs.





Office Address


30 Broad St

New York, NY 10004